Home Pricing

Classic Car Respray Guide

Inside and Out- £2200
Exterior Only- £1900

VW Camper
Two Tone Inside and Out- £4600
Exterior Only- £3100

VW Beetle
Inside and Out- £2400
Exterior Only- £1900

Inside and Out- £2600
Exterior Only- £2100

MG Midget
Inside and Out- £2100
Exterior Only- £1700

Escort MK1, MK2
Inside and Out- £2100
Exterior Only- £1700

Classic Car
Small- £1700
Medium- £2200
Large- £2400

Processes of work generally carried out:

– Repair minor dents etc
– Welding and large repairs incur extra costs
– Treat rust
– Etch prime
– 2k high build prime (10 min low bake in oven)
– Hand flat
– Refinish colour 4-6 coats
– Lacquer 4-6 coats
– 30 min low baked in oven
– Flat and polish for a mirror finish

Photos can be taken throughout and presented upon collection if required.

Lambretta & Vespa Respray Guide

Solid or Metallic Colours
One Colour- £1200
Two Colours- £1300

Candy Colours/Flake– £1200-£1700

Custom Design– £ dependent on design

Job Description:

– Beat & shrink any damage
– Acid etch prime
– 2k high solid prime
– Hand flat
– Refinish (colour)
– Lacquer (four coats)
– 30 min low bake in oven
– Flat and polish for a mirror finish

Prices include painting of:
Frame, legsheilds, mudguards, forks, side panels, headstock, wheels, toolbox, petrol tank, flywheel cover, stand, foot runners, tool box door, hubs, horncast, back light cluster and any other part not listed.

Classic Bike Respray

BSA, Velocette, Norton
Single Colour- £850
Two Colours/Pinstripe- £1100

Includes all repairs needed. All colours are mixed in house.

Sports Bike Respray

Single Colour- £800
Race Reps/Multi-colours- £1100-£1500

Price includes all plastic welding and repairs needed.

Welding Guide

Remove and fit new floor- £115

Remove and fit 2 a-panels, 2 front wing and front panel- £570

VW Camper T25
Remove and fit rear wing- £295
Remove and fit front step- £195
Remove and fit front lower panel- £195

Outer sill- £270
Rear lower wing- £270
Door skin- £190
Floor section- £320

VW Beetle
Heater channel- £290
Front apron- £170
Door repair section- £80
A-post repair section- £100

All other welding priced at £35 p/h. Fabrication work priced at £45 p/h. 

Media Blasting Guide

Small Classic Car- £470
Medium-sized Classic Car- £520
Large-sized Classic Car- £620

Scooter Media Blast Price

Frame, mudguard, forks, wheels, hubs, headstock, petrol tank etc- £270

Frame, leg shields, wheels, hubs, forks, horncast, headstock, tread plates, tool box, petrol tank, side panels, flywheel cover, mudguards, back light cluster and various other pieces- £270