This was an interesting project – as you will see from the picture, it first came to us as a pile of dented, rusty and greasy parts all in a box!  The first job was to chemically clean down all the parts then fully sand blast them back to bare metal.  The next stage was to panel beat all the dents out of the panels and straighten up all the lips and edges.  Then began the filler work – most of these panels had to be filled and skimmed then fully hand blocked, sprayed in three coats of Lechler high build primer, low baked in the oven then left to stand for 24 hours.

The next stage was to fully hand flat all of the panels, fully panel wipe and clean them then put them back in the oven to be sprayed in a ground coat.  This was followed by two coats of top coat.  We then applied decals to the front leg shield followed by two coats of clear lacquer and a final low bake in the oven.

Finally, the parts were hand flatted with 1500 grit sand paper and polished with a polishing mop ready for the customer to collect. This is a typical process for most Lambrettas, Vespas and motor cycles.