This vehicle came to us with major cracking all around the front wings and the rear lights.  This was due to incorrect and poor filling in the past.  Someone had filled over the wing extenders with nearly a centimeter of filler which had expanded at a different rate than the vehicle and caused cracking through the paint.  The first job was to grind out the poorly applied filler back to bare metal, cut away and discard the old wing extenders, fit new aluminum wing extenders, re-shape all wing edges back to original and fully prep the whole car ready for three coats of high build primer.

The next stage was to cut out two rusty areas and weld in new metal plates and skim them.  The car was then fully primed, baked in the oven and then allowed to stand for 24 hours.  The car was hand flatted and a base coat of three coats of water based metallic was applied.  This was followed by three coats of RM lacquer and again a low bake in the oven.  All the original silver decals were applied and the car was then fully scotched, followed by a final coat of RM lacquer and a low bake in the oven.

Finally, the vehicle was cut and polished ready for the customer to collect.