Triumph Spitfire

Unfortunately, she was in a sorry state when she arrived!   However, she had been in the family for a long period of time and they wanted her resurrected.   So the first job was two days welding sills, sub-frame supports and various other areas which needed cutting out and re-welding with new metal.  The front bonnet was unfortunately not savable so we sourced a good second hand replacement.  There were a couple of dented areas which needed panel beating, then everything was dry fitted prior to starting all the filler work.

After extensive filler work she went into the oven for three coats of high build Lechler primer and a low bake, then she was fully hand flatted before going back into the oven for three coats of British Racing Green.  Final bake in the oven then hand cut and polished ready for the customer to collect.

This was one was quite a transformation.  The customer since then has taken his wife in the car down to the South of France for their anniversary.