TVR Tuscan

The first job with the Tuscan was to clean and fully strip her of lights, winkers, bumpers, doors, roof panels etc. This car had originally suffered very badly with micro-blistering – this is quite common in cars fully constructed out of fibre glass.  Once stripped we started the sanding process.  We had to sand off all the paint on the vehicle right back to it’s gel coat in order to remove all the micro-blistering.  The car was then low baked in the oven for two hours, to dry out any moisture which was still retained in the fibre glass.

The next stage was to feather out various scratches and carry out some fibre glass repair work to the arches and then apply relevant filler.  She was then put into the oven and fully primed in three coats of Lechler high build primer, used in a wet on wet process.  A coarse silver ground coat was very evenly applied to the whole car which was then low baked. This was followed by twelve coats of Candy Red, each coat deepening the colour.

After twelve coats we reached the desired colour, which was followed by two coats of clear coat lacquer and a low bake in the oven.  She was then hand flatted with 1500 grit, fully polished and re-assembled ready for the customer to collect.