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Roadrash Custom Paintwork in Leighton Buzzard | spraying, painting for car, scooter and helmet

We deliver custom artwork, painting, respray, restoration, classic car restoration, paint job, paintwork, airbrushing, plastic welding repair, fibreglass repair, pinstriping for your scooter, motorbike, helmet, tank, car.

We do custom artwork and spraying for all brands like Vesper, Lambretta, Harley Davidson, Espa, BSA, Triumph, Velocette, Suzuki, Kawasaki.

Custom styles and colours like candy, pearls, metallics, inks, pearlescent.

We are based in Leighton Buzzard but deliver service all over the country like Beds, Bucks and Herts, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Kent, Essex, London, Sussex, Northamptonshire.

Plastic/ MIG Welding

Full welding service available. Replacement of sills, wings, panels, weld up holes, rust cut out and MIG welding new metal. Plastic weld also available for repairs to car bumpers, wing mirrors, bike fairings, tail sections etc.

Fabrication Work/ Bodywork Modifcation

Fabrication service available, i.e. remove and fit new panels, sills, wings etc, modify and make new if unobtainable. Creative fabrication, i.e. modifying shape of vehicles to customers’ desire.

Media Blasting/ Galvanizing Hot Metal Spray

Full media blasting service available – sand blasting back to bare metal, all cars, bikes, motorbike frames, etc. All etch phosphate primed after blasting.  We also have available hot metal spray service – the vehicle is fully sand blasted back to bare metal then after prepping, sprayed with a hot metal finish. This is the same as galvanizing the whole vehicle which gives the ultimate protection and prevents any rust in the future. This costs more, however this process offers the best protection possible prior to painting.

Fibreglass Repairs

Fibreglass repairs available for panels and glass fibreglass mouldings, bumpers etc.

Standard Paintwork

All paintwork available – solid colours, metallics, pearls, inks, candies, pearlescent, etc.


Full custom service available – we can pinstripe around your tank or create images of your choice (dragons, skulls, ghosting) or any image you can perceive, we can paint.

Helmet Painting

We are happy to do any design on your helmet as plain or as detailed as you desire. This could be to match your bike, your leathers, or personal lettering, or full picture design.

Musical Instruments

If it is a solid surface we can paint it!

Unfinished/ Undertaken Projects

If you started a restoration and found it to be more than you anticipated, we are quite happy to take on work which has already been started, correct any errors if necessary and move the job forward.